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Cupcake Tower Upgrade

Cupcake Tower Upgrade - Regular Cupcake (Cake is not included)

You can upgrade a single cake to a cupcake tower!

Our renowned cupcake is made daily using the finest ingredients.  Phoenix Sweets’ refined recipe and craftsmanship redefines the best of these pretty and delicious little sweets:

  • Less sweet, with exquisite taste flavored by excellent combination of natural ingredients. 

  • Only the best ingredients are used: Valrhona Chocolate, 100% Natural Fruit Puree, Fair Trade Earl Grey Tea Leaves and Organic Rose Water etc…

  • Delicious sweets for any joyful occasions or lovely evening dessert

We will provide assortment of the daily special flavours (6-8 flavours).  A transparent cupcake tower will be provided (with deposit) to perfectly display the cake and cupcakes (Topper cake is not included).

2 Tiers: 18 pcs ($700 + $500 Deposit to be charged separately)

3 Tiers: 30 pcs ($1030 + $500 Deposit to be charged separately)

4 Tiers: 46 pcs ($1570+ $500 Deposit to be charged separately)

The cupcake tower will have to be returned to Central store or Lai Chi Kok studio within 2 days.  The deposit will be refunded when the tower is returned undamaged.  The deposit will be deducted $50 per day if the cupcake tower is returned to us late.