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Butter Cream Cake - Classic Unicorn

Classic Unicorn

Perfect for all kind of celebration such as birthday, baby shower and anniversary.

    English name and "Happy Birthday" will be put on a fondant plate separately for you to place on the cake.

      The flavour of the surface butter cream is Vanilla.  For the cake flavour inside, you may choose from:

      • Earl Grey (layered with rose butter cream)
      • Vanilla (layered with mixed berries butter cream)
      • Honey Yuzu (layered with passion fruit butter cream)
      • Chocolate (layered with chocolate butter cream)

      You can also choose Vanilla flavoured rainbow cake (layered with passion fruit butter cream) for $200 in addition.

      We are offering 5" and 7" (diameter).  For suggested number of serving portions, please refer to the Serving Size And Cake Cutting Guide tab.

        2 tiers (7"+5") and 4" mini size are also available: 

        Message with Name to be Put on the Message Plate (English Letter only, maximum 20 English Letters)