Phoenix Sweets - Q&A for Wedding Service

【Phoenix Sweets - Q&A for Wedding Service】

We have consolidated some of the FAQs about our wedding service for Bride-to-be's information.

【Highlights of our services】

  • Operating a sweet gallery store in the SOHO area for more than 3 years and handling cake orders daily. 
  • Our quality (in terms of both handcraft and taste) is renowned in the high end gourmet cake and confectionery market.
  • We are experienced in delivering sizable and important events.
  • We operate our licensed food factory to ensure our confections are produced in a proper environment. 

Phoenix Sweets - Wedding Cake at Veranda, Repulse Bay

【Order Lead Time】

  • For each tailor-made wedding cake, we need to spend considerable time to communicate with the couple, research and design.  As the request for every couple is unique and it takes time to handcraft the wedding cake, please note that order is subject to availability and on first come first serve basis.  

Phoenix Sweets Wedding Cake Hong Kong 香港 結婚 蛋糕

  • We will stop taking further orders once our capacity during the period of time is fully reserved.  Hence we recommend couples to order from us around 3-6 months in advance, to have a better chance to reserve our schedule and allow sufficient time to communicate on the design details.


Phoenix Sweets - Wedding Cake, Happily Ever After

【Quotation for Wedding Cake】

  • The most popular wedding cake sizes are 8"+6"+4" and 8"+6" (diameter).  We can provide starting price according to the order date.  Please note that the actual price of wedding cake depends on the finalised design requirement.

Phoenix Sweets - Wedding Cake White Sugar Rose

  • Please let us have an idea of your brief design requirement so that we can provide quotation accordingly.  On top of the starting price, we will consider the time and effort to design and make the requested design and provide quotation accordingly.  For example, if the design requirement is more complicated such as putting more sugar flowers and using of gold foil, we will need extra time to make the cake and will provide the quotation accordingly. 
  • Please note that the actual cost of the cake depends on the finalised design requirement.  If customer change their design requirement during the process and the changes affect the time and effort to make the cake, we will provide revised quotation for customer's consideration before proceed.
  • In consideration of style of works, we do not make 3D/cartoon figures.
  • We are also offering some classic wedding cake as standard designs.  You may order 2 weeks in advance.  Please refer to:

Phoenix Sweets - Wedding Cake Sugar Rose Garden

  • For the cake flavours, you may choose from:
    • Earl Grey
    • Vanilla
    • Honey Yuzu
    • Chocolate 
  • You can also choose Vanilla flavoured rainbow cake for $400 in addition.

Phoenix Sweets - Wedding Cake Four Seasons Sugar Peony Flower

【Wedding Sweets / Dessert Table】
Phoenix Sweets - Candy Corner Dessert Table Tailor Make Hong Kong Four Seasons

Phoenix Sweets - Party Sweets Wedding 回禮 回禮小禮物

  • We can also provide proposal according to customer's budget and number of guests.  You may also consider to order our standard party package which include the rental of units to display the little sweets:

Phoenix Sweets - Sweet Package Candy Corner Dessert Table Hong Kong

  • We are also offering designer package for tailor-made cupcake and cookie.  The designer package starts from $5880, actual price depends on the finalised design requirement.

Cake Stands

  • Cake stands can be on loan for $100-$150 (depending on the quantity) for displaying our sweets. 
  • As the stands are quite fragile, a deposit of $1000 will be charged and refunded after the stands are returned in good condition.  
  • Please note that you would have to arrange to return the cake stands to our Lai Chi Kok Studio or Central PMQ Store within 2 days. 

Phoenix Sweets - Wedding Candy Corner Dessert Table Hong Kong

【Delivery and Setup】

  • We can provide setup and delivery service for extra cost, subject to availability of manpower. 
  • The delivery charge starts from $350.  If there involves setup of sweets table and collection of cake stands, the price starts from $1200 or 10% of the total sweets cost (whichever is higher). 

Phoenix Sweets - Sweet Wedding Candy Corner Sweets Table Dessert Hong Kong

Confirmation of Order

  • Please note that order will be confirmed only after full payment has been received.  We will provide a quotation for confirmation after agreeing on the design requirement.  Our bank account number will be provided so that you may transfer the payment to confirm the order.

Phoenix Sweets - Wedding Cake Gold Splash Elegant Hong Kong

  • After the order is confirmed, we will contact you around 1-2 weeks in advance to the big day to go through the details.  We will design the cake according to the confirmed design requirement.

Phoenix Sweets - Wedding Dessert Table Candy Corner Sue Hong Kong 2017


Phoenix Sweets - Wedding Double Happiness Cake Hong Kong Tailor-made

  • The quotation provided above is valid for 1 month only.  


  • Please feel free to submit your enquiry by email to:
  • To save your time, please make sure that you have provided all the needed information (such as date and venue of the big day, design requirement, serving portion etc) so that we can get back to you in one go.

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