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Butter Cream Cake - Colour Splash

Colour Splash

Perfect for celebrating birthday, baby shower and anniversary.

We can put the English name and message on the small fondant plate to be put on the cake, it is included in the cake cost.  In consideration of the size of the plate, we can only put at most 20 English letters (including name and message).  

The "Happy Birthday" acrylic die cut signage is sold separately for $100.

    The flavour of the surface butter cream is in Vanilla Flavour.

    For the cake flavours, you may choose from:
    • Earl Grey (layered with rose butter cream)
    • Vanilla (layered with mixed berries butter cream)
    • Honey Yuzu (layered with passion fruit butter cream)
    • Chocolate (layered with chocolate butter cream)

    You can also choose Vanilla flavoured rainbow cake for $200 in addition.

      Birthday Message with Name to be Put on the Message Plate (Maximum 20 English Letters)
      Choice of Colour