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Butter Cream Cake - Little Twin Star

Butter Cream Cake - Little Twin Star

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Little Twin Star

Perfect for celebrating birthday and anniversary.

English name and "Happy Birthday" will be put on a fondant plate separately for you to place on the cake.  In consideration of the size of the fondant plate, we can only put at most 20 English letters (including message and name).  

The flavour of the surface butter cream is Vanilla.  For the cake flavour inside, you may choose from:

  • Earl Grey (layered with rose butter cream and rose petals)
  • Vanilla (layered with mixed berries butter cream and mixed berries jam)
  • Lemon (layered with passion fruit butter cream and lemon curd)
  • Chocolate (layered with chocolate butter cream and Valrhona chocolate crunch)
  • Rainbow Vanilla (colourful cake layers layered with passion fruit butter cream and lemon curd) (+$200)

We are sorry that in consideration of the production logistic, we cannot arrange to change the details of our standard designs.

  • For 6", it weight around 3 lbs.  The cake can be divided to 12 big slices or 24 party portions (around 1" x 1" x 2").
Message with Name to be Put on the Message Plate (English Letter only, maximum 20 English Letters)
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