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Cupcake Topper - Standard Wordings (Not including cupcake)

Cupcake Topper - Standard Wordings (Not including cupcake) 

We can provide fondant plate with standard wordings (i.e. "Thank You" and "Love") for adding to the regular size cupcakes.

Please note that the price ($10 each) only applies to standard wordings (i.e. "Thank You" and "Love").  For tailor-made wordings, we have to provide quotation case by case and the minimum order quantity is 12pcs/$120.

An assortment of pastel colours will be provided.

For introduction of other Goodbye Gifts, please refer to: https://shop.phoenixsweets.com/pages/phoenix-sweets-goodbye-gift-service

For urgent order (i.e. within 5 days), please contact our store at 3686 0915 during 12nn to 7pm.